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Joy, Departed

by Sorority Noise

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Blissth 03:04
Let me be the drug that you use to fall in love, the heroin that keeps you warm enough. Let me sink to your skin, like water in a wound stitch me up when you are done. I want to be the water in your lungs that lets you know you are drowning the last sip of gin you can't drink. Let me hide in your neck, with every regret, you're too proud to swallow before you go to bed. why do I still compare everyone that I love to the way that I loved you. I can still hear you sing, but you'd never sing for me my eyes will continue to sink. I wasn't built to exist. these ghost limbs were never taught to swim. you'll always be like a nightmare to me and i'll always be begging for sleep.
Corrigan 02:36
All I want to be is the one you sometimes miss, when you're with friends I want to be the spit that tingles on your lips, and if you find yourself scared to be alone all I want to be is the house you call a home. all i'll ever be is the sound of grinding teeth, the autumn wind that blows your hair and the hand that's out of reach. if you think that you can't a find a way to breathe, all I want to be is the smoke too clear to see. I will never be the one you need. I only hope to be the solid ground beneath your feet. I will never be the turning of your leaves. I just hope to be the one you call when you can't sleep.
I felt you whimper and I felt you shake, collapse in my lungs, I felt your shape. I was a boathouse, alone on a lake, clear in my thoughts, an emptying fate. you were like water, drown in my eyes, breathe in my voice, which each one I take. I'm just an orchard in the late winter months, and you're just a harsh wind that blows me away I feel you break with every night that you lie awake. I was an old man, lying awake, widowed in bed, at my own wake. I am the night sky, closing my eyes and counting the stars, that you see in mine.
Nolsey 03:17
I suppose in this ever growing search for love, I'll transcend all my clothes and become bare. I'm not sure of anything in this world except i'm always wearing black and sleeping in. How could you compose yourself each day, knowing all I know I'd cross my heart and hope to die, I swear. But we remain, separate in disdain, barely breathing enemies, and i've grown so dark I can barely see. If you ask me how I feel about myself, I'd ask you that right back and expect a pause. Who are we to be really feeling anything? It's always been my dream to be empty. So drain me of the parts that weigh me down and take my skin and tear me up. Make me out to be stronger than I know. I know you'll never love me but I pretend that you love me you'll always be the reason I stay clean.
How do you become more to your friends than a conversation piece? Does it make you feel you better knowing you got the best of me? I want to mean enough to someone that they feel the need to tell me they feel the same. I can be replaced. Less than perfect ideologies, this half-hearted psychology is bringing out the parts of me that can't go to parties and stays in my room. Define me with long hair and cheap wine refine me to slurred lines and blank stares define me with long hair and cigarettes don't chalk me up to anything less than sin
Wiping my eyes of sleep, drinking yesterday morning's coffee, slam my head against the wall, put the same black jeans on. I wear a hat so you can't see my hair. maybe I won't die this time, cause maybe i'll be fine this time. maybe i'm my greatest fear because maybe I'm just scared to admit that I might not be as dark as I think. maybe i'm not the person that I never wanted to be. here's the thing, I'm doing fine, I know that i'm not worth your time. you needed change, i'm still the same so you took everything but my name. and maybe I wont die this time cause maybe i'll be fine this time.
Fuchsia 02:41
flower girl, I am not what I seem, I'm the reason your leaves are withering. my sun has set and I will never keep you warm again. how I long to be in bloom for you. how I long to be in bloom with you. pollen eyes, I fear that I'm falling asleep, winter's calling me far sooner than it ought to be. how I long to be the soil to keep you safe. will I ever be more than my mistakes? stoner veins, I'm feigning death. I'm losing breathe and sense of time.
Using 02:44
I started using again. I left my heart in rocky hill and a whole burning in bed. I needed a distraction from my head, the devil on my shoulder said try this instead, so I started using again. I started sleeping again. I traded late nights and sheep for vicodin. The guilt burning in my chest set in I started sleeping again. I stopped wishing I was dead, learned to love myself before anyone else, became more than just a burden, I know i'm more than worthy of your time. I started smoking again, guess I missed coughing my lungs up every morning. I needed anything to keep me breathing, to prevent my blood from bleeding, I started smoking again. I started loving again, thought when I lost that will to live I would never feel again. I'll give it one more shot and let someone in, so I started loving again... I stopped wishing I was dead,, learned to love myself before anyone else became more than just a burden, I know i'm more than worthy of your time.
Mononokay 02:37
What does it mean to be happy? And am I getting better? I used to make excuses for myself, but it's not the weather. I've tried to rid myself of my anxious tendencies but I have to accept my head for what it is to me. I'm not superhuman well i'm barely alive but I would kill to leave my house and not be afraid of the outside. I've started thinking it'd be so nice to not have trouble sleeping I haven't slept in nights. I called to apologize for every night I told you I didn't want to live my life. But I hung up before you picked up because I changed my mind. you know more about plants than I know about myself and if giving up doesn't make you stronger than why the hell am I still here? call me depressed, tell me to get over it. if it's not in my head then it's in my blood. so I called to apologize for every night I told you I didn't want to live my life. but I hung up before you could pick up, because I changed my mind. I've gotten better at getting better I've gotten better at being me
You had the brightest dreams, you were going to be an artist and play in a band, but I guess all things change when you're lying on the side of the road in the everglades. how the hell did it make sense after you saw what charlie went through? does hell taste as sweet as you thought do you like what you bought? I guess Dali's not overrated and you're not the person I loved. it takes a lot more than how've you been to be my friend. you smell like hospitals and you look like bad news and if god is real, I hope he has a plan for you if the devil is real, let him know I asked how he's been because when I rid myself of my demons they must have found a home in you. if hell is real, I hope you're enjoying your stay


released June 16, 2015

Mixed and Engineered by Matt Baltrucki

Engineered and Produced by Cameron Boucher

Mastered by Carl Saff

Cameron Boucher - Guitar, Vocals
Adam Ackerman - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Ryan McKenna - Bass, Vocals
Charlie Singer - Drums
Michael Underwood - Strings
Ruby Nightingale - Vocals

Artwork by Cassie Bozicek


all rights reserved



Sorority Noise Hartford, Connecticut

pour some out for Judy Garland

Hartford, CT since 2013

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